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Teen Driver

Teens have long had the highest crash rate of any age group in the US.

It is a fact that when new drivers know that their driving habits are being monitored, they will tend to take less risks and drive more safely.

Use GPS Tracking as an important tool to instill safe driving habits into your children right from the start. Driving skills learned early usually stay with drivers for a lifetime.

Teen driver crash

Key Benefits:

▪  Monitor your teen's driving habits to ensure they are following traffic laws and driving safely

▪  Safe driving = reduced chance of accidents = lower insurance rates

▪  Safe driving = reduced chance of traffic violations = no fines + lower insurance rates

▪  Always know where your teen driver is, and if they're actually where they're supposed to be

▪  Check GPS information from any web connect device (computer, tablet, or smart phone). Every 2 minutes, GPS reports speed, direction of travel, and address.

▪  Views: Map view, Hybrid (Aerial) view, Street view, or tabular.

▪  Get real time text and/or email alerts. Common alerts are geozone, excessive speed, hard acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, device unplugged

▪  Easily set geozones around home, school, etc.

▪  Powerful Reports function in software allows you to quickly and easily identify problem areas

Recommended Trackers:

GPStreets: Easy plug-and-play OBD-II

GPSentry: Hard wired. Simple 3 wire install. Hide under dash.

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