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Software - Alpha Line

The software which was selected to support the Alpha Line is from one of the worlds largest GPS tracking software suppliers. In operation for over 15 years, this platform currently hosts over 1.8 million units. But rest assured, your data is always 100% private, safe, and secure.

The primary reasons for the selection of this software are:

   1. Extreme versatility. The software can be fully customized to meet your every requirement.

   2. Value. We are able to offer you ultra-competitive pricing and ultimate value.

We have chosen to not whitelabel* this software. Whitelabeling is expensive, and we prefer to pass the savings on to our customers.

  * whitelabeling is branding of the software (i.e. custom web address and logo) to make it "appear" to be your

    own. This is cosmetic only, and in no way affects the functionality of the software.

Main Screen


Alpha Home Screen.JPG

Work Area


Map Area

Key Features -

   Map Area - Map view, aerial view, hybrid view, traffic

   Work  Area - Select any/all units to display on map, all information and sensors listed

   Menu - Customizable. View unit monitoring, show tracks (history), view messages (data from tracker), create reports,

      create and edit geofences, create and edit drivers, create and edit notifications (alerts), create and edit users, edit unit


Tracks -

              Select Unit

             Select date and time range

              Color by trip, by speed, or single color

              Select icons to display (speedings, parkings, etc.)

Alpha trip.JPG

Reports -

             Fully customizable

             By unit or group

            Select date and time range





             Create by dragging on map, or by address

            Select size and color

             Circle, polygon, or line (route)

             Add description and icon, if you want

             Show on map or not


             Create drivers with details and picture 

            Assign to units


Alpha Report.JPG
Alpha Geozone.JPG


             Notifications can be created for any parameter (geofence, speed, excessive idle, etc.)

             Multiple ways to notify - email, SMS (text), popup window on map screen, mobile (App) alert

             Speed alert for over set limit (e.g. 75 mph) or by Road Limits (e.g. 10 mph over road limit)



             Unlimited number of users, with selectable permission levels





             Advanced - Parameters used in reports, speeding source (set limit, none, or limits from roads), speed tolerance

               (mph), min. speeding time (sec), driver activity source, track colors

            Unit Groups - Assign

             Eco Driving - Create criterion

             Profile - Enter registration and technical details of vehicle

             Fuel Consumption

             Service Intervals



Eco Driving

             Automated ranking of drivers by safe driving habits

             Specify points penalties for various penalties and get a report on driver safety scoring

             Receive an assessment of driving quality. Evaluate how a driver treats your vehicle, and as a result, improve

             safety, prolong the vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, and ensure the safety of the cargo.

             Rank by instances and severity of:

                 Speeding (above road speed limit)

                 Hard acceleration

                 Hard braking

                 Hard Turn

                 Reckless driving





             Display of fleet statistics in full color graphs, charts, and tables


             With just a couple clicks, create a time-limited (expiring) link. Email this link to others (police, friends, etc.) to get help in recovering your lost or stolen vehicle/asset/loved one




Mobile Tracking (App)

   Access all your tracking data on this simple and user friendly mobile application

    Available for both iOS (Apple) and Android.


        Maps - Select from map view or hybrid (aerial) view

        Units - Unit information and status. 

        Tracks - Select unit, and show tracking history by date/time/trip

        Events - Information on trips and stops with detailed information

       Notifications - Push notifications on specified events. See details and on map



App Store.JPG
Google Play.JPG
Eco Driving.JPG
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