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GPS Tracking & Safety features propitiatory web based software which is intuitive to use and very user friendly.

You can access your private, secure data on any web connected device (computer, tablet or smart phone).

Our software is very powerful. It can handle anything from keeping an eye on grandma to the complex needs of a large company with many vehicles, locations and users.

Best of all, everything’s included. There are no additional charges.


  • Live GPS Tracking – 24/7: Instantly locate and track your entire fleet vehicles exact locations on one map screen via any web connected device

  • Tracking: Vehicle position updates (bread crumbs) every 2 minutes while in motion and every 10 minutes while stationary

  • Mobile Software Access: Access the tracking software while on the go via any web connected mobile device (IOS or Android – tablet or smart phone)

  • Global Mapping: Map, Hybrid (Aerial), and Street Views – Using the latest 3D maps from Google.

  • Vehicle Grouping & Color Coding: Vehicles can be assigned to a group and/or color coded for quicker at a glance identification

  • Map Views: Entire fleet, group, individual vehicle

  • Historical Route Replay: Replay any route taken by any vehicle – 24/7 (start, pause, stop, replay)



Real Time Event Alerts delivered to administrator(s) via text message and/or email (multiple recipients)

  • PTO Alerts: Device can be configured to send alert of any on/off switch (open/close power event) on vehicle (IE. Carpet Cleaning Machine/Vacuum/Boom)

  • Geo Zone Alerts: Instant notifications sent when vehicles arrive/depart a pre-defined zone/location

  • Excessive Speed Alerts: Instant alerts delivered when a speed limit is exceeded – user defined

  • Idle Alerts: Instant alerts sent to administrators for each 10 minute vehicle idle occurrence

  • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts: Oil change, tire rotation, etc. (monitors accumulated miles and hours elapsed)

  • Geo Corridor Alerts: Alerts sent if a vehicle deviates from a pre-defined map route

  • Working Hours: Receive alerts if vehicles are operated during “off hours”

  • Fine Tune: Choose which vehicles and which alerts to receive



  • 45+ fully customizable individual or fleet group reports available on demand. (formats: html, xls, csv, xml or email)

  • View reports immediately in your browser and print

  • Set up customized reports to be delivered to your (or multiple) email inbox’s daily, weekly or last work week

  • 6 months of complete data retained

  • I.F.T.A. reports – State mileage reports



See a short software demo here:

Short Demo

Short Demo

Short Demo
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