Applications: ALL Light to Medium Vehicle Fleets, Teen Driver, etc.

The GPStreets Plug-In Real Time GPS Tracker is our most versatile and economical diagnostic device for communicating vital vehicle information to administrators via GSM networks. With an integrated GPS engine, embedded cellular, PCS and GPS antennas and integrated J1962 connector, the GPS Streets is the ultimate solution
for fleet administrators in need of monitoring location, speed, arriving/departing from a particular location and many other options available on the OBD-II port of the vehicle. The GPStreets can be installed in a matter of seconds and is
compatible with the majority of light (12V) vehicles in North America.


▪  24/7 Live GPS Tracking
▪  Advanced GPS engine with embedded cellular
▪  Communicates vehicle location information via AT&T 3G GSM networks.
▪  Store and Forward feature. If the tracker goes out of network range, all data is stored in the device, then forwarded when back in

    network service

▪  Instant Text/Email Alerts: Geo zone, excessive speed , idle, maintenance due and more
▪  New Feature! Device detects and reports heavy acceleration & hard braking
▪  2 minute position updates while vehicle is in motion. Adjustable down to 15 sec. (may incur additional data charge)
▪  Simply plug device into the OBD-II port of the vehicle
▪  Over the air firmware updates (UDP supported)
▪  Device uses vehicle’s 12 volt system -minimal power draw
▪  Position accuracy within 10 feet
▪  Small size 2” x 1.5” x 0.75”
▪  FCC & PTCRB certified
▪  6 month warranty


▪  Live GPS Tracking – 24/7: Instantly locate and track your entire fleet vehicles exact locations on one map screen via any web

    connected device
▪  Tracking: Vehicle position updates (bread crumbs) every 2 minutes while in motion and every 10 minutes while stationary
▪  Mobile Software Access: Access the tracking software while on the go via any web connected mobile device (IOS or Android – tablet

    or smart phone)
▪  Global Mapping: Map, Hybrid (Aerial), and Street Views – Using the latest 3D maps from Google.
▪  Real Time Traffic Updates
▪  Map Views: Entire fleet, group, individual vehicle
▪  Vehicle Grouping, Naming & Color Coding: Vehicles can be assigned to a group, named, and/or color coded for quicker at a glance

▪  Historical Route Replay: Replay any route taken by any vehicle – 24/7 (start, pause, stop, replay)


Real Time Event Alerts delivered to administrator(s) via text message and/or email (multiple recipients)
▪  Geo Zone Alerts: Instant notifications sent when vehicles arrive/depart a pre-defined zone/location
▪  New Feature! Alert if device is unplugged from the power source
▪  Excessive Speed Alerts: Instant alerts delivered when a speed limit is exceeded – user defined
▪  Over Posted Speed Limit Alerts: 5, 10, or 15 MPH over posted speed. Posted speed limits provided by Google
▪  Idle Alerts: Instant alerts sent to administrators for each 10 minute vehicle idle occurrence
▪  New Feature! Monitor aggressive driving behavior fleet wide; reports Rapid Acceleration & Hard Braking
▪  Scheduled Maintenance Alerts: Oil change, tire rotation, etc. (monitors accumulated miles and hours elapsed)
▪  Geo Corridor Alerts: Alerts sent if a vehicle deviates from a pre-defined map route
▪  Working Hours: Receive alerts if vehicles are operated during “off hours”
▪  Fine Tune: Choose which vehicles and which alerts to receive


▪  45+ fully customizable individual or fleet group reports available on demand. (formats: html, xls, csv, xml or email)
▪  View reports immediately in your browser and print
▪  Set up customized reports to be delivered to your (or multiple) email inbox’s daily, weekly or last work week
▪  6 months of complete data retained
▪  I.F.T.A. reports – State mileage reports


Fuel Savings
▪  Reduce excessive idling: 60 minutes of engine idle = approx. 1.5 gallons of wasted fuel
▪  Create and enforce company NO speeding policy which increases fuel economy & overall safety
▪  Eliminate all unauthorized vehicle fuel fill ups
▪  Know where your fleet vehicles are located in real-time on one map screen via any web connected device
▪  Eliminate the need to call drivers for current location or ETA
▪  Utilize live mapping of your entire vehicle fleet to dispatch the closest vehicle to incoming customer calls
▪  Accurately predict driver arrival times and possible delays
▪  Improve customer billing accuracy as you now have a digital record of all service calls

Increased Productivity
▪  Live monitoring of fleet activity: Day start/stop times, delivery arrivals/departures, lunches and breaks
▪  Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use: Monitor all vehicle stops, route deviations, night & weekend vehicle use
▪  NO MORE stolen customers (Moonlighting)
▪  Validate all service calls for both customer and drivers quickly and easily by verifying arrival time, duration spent at and departure from

    any location

▪  Easily monitor driving behavior live and historically
▪  Identify your fleets best and worst drivers by monitoring speed violations, heavy acceleration and hard braking
▪  Implement driver safety programs and bonus incentives
▪  Monitor teen drivers

Reduce Overall Expenses
▪  Reduce vehicle breakdowns by staying on top of all regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance
▪  Verify actual labor hours performed
▪  Eliminate/reduce overtime wages
▪  Reduce time spent by employees and accounting department reconciling work hours
▪  Possibly save on vehicle insurance premiums
▪  Possible quicker stolen vehicle recovery