Real-Time PRO Covert Surveillance and Asset GPS Tracker

Applications: High Value Assets, Freight Tracking, Law Enforcement Personnel, Security, Covert, Private Investigations, Surveillance.

The GPStealth Real-Time GPS Tracker is a high performance Quad-Band integrated GPS tracker that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for superior global monitoring of the entire asset chain – fixed, mobile or work force. The GPStealth features a built in vibration sensor for a highly advanced power save mode which extends the time between battery charges significantly. The GPStealth’s compact size coupled with excellent battery life makes this device an ideal solution for multiple applications including covert tracking, fleet services, freight operations, and high value asset tracking. It is ideal for assets which do not have a battery (like trailers, etc.). The GPStealth has three built in magnets with over 80 lbs. of pull, making it flush mount to look like it is part of the vehicle. Place it in seconds. It has no switches, lights, or plugs, making it indistinguishable as a tracker. The built in 8800 mAh battery is charged with the included charger or a pad charger. With built in vibration sensor, the device updates every four hours while not moving, and every two minutes while moving. This allows for excellent battery life of one month to one year (depending on amount of movement).


▪  24/7 Live GPS Tracking 

▪  Superior battery performance 

▪  Power save mode: w/built in vibration detection 

▪  Falling alarm – instant alert sent via text and/or email 

▪  Geo Zone Alerts: Text and/or email alerts sent when any zone is crossed 

▪  Enhanced sensitivity for superior indoor and outdoor reporting 

▪  Quad-Band for worldwide coverage (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz) 

▪  Customizable reporting intervals down to 15 second updates! 

▪  Store and forward feature if out of cellular coverage 

▪  High capacity internal battery 

▪  Position accuracy within 10 feet 

▪  Compact size: 5.5” x 2.25” x 1.75” 

▪  Water proof
▪  Pad charging 

▪  FCC & PTCRB certified 

▪  6 month warranty




▪  Live GPS Tracking – 24/7: Instantly locate and track your entire fleet vehicles exact locations on one map screen via any web

    connected device 

▪  Tracking: Vehicle position updates (bread crumbs) every 2 minutes while in motion and every 4 hours while stationary 

▪  Mobile Software Access: Access the tracking software while on the go via any web connected mobile device (IOS or Android –

    tablet or smart phone) 

▪  Global Mapping: Map, Hybrid (Aerial), and Street Views – Using the latest 3D maps from Google. 

▪  Map Views: Entire fleet, group, individual vehicle 

▪  Vehicle Grouping, Naming & Color Coding: Vehicles can be assigned to a group, named, and/or color coded for quicker at a glance

    identification 

▪  Historical Route Replay: Replay any route taken by any vehicle – 24/7 (start, pause, stop, replay)

▪  Real-Time Alert Notifications - Real Time Event Alerts delivered to administrator(s) via text message and/or email (multiple recipients)  ▪  Geo Zone Alerts: Alert notifications sent when vehicles arrive/depart a pre-defined zone/location 

▪  Falling Alarm: Notifications sent if the tracker detects a free fall 

▪  Geo Corridor Alerts: Alerts sent if a vehicle deviates from a pre-defined map route 

▪  Excessive Speed Alerts: Instant alerts delivered when a speed limit is exceeded – user defined 

▪  Fine Tune: Choose which vehicles and which alerts to receive




▪  45+ fully customizable individual or fleet group reports available on demand. (formats: html, xls, csv, xml or email) 

▪  View reports immediately in your browser and print 

▪  Set up customized reports to be delivered to your (or multiple) email inboxes daily, weekly or last work week 

▪  6 months of complete data retained



Real-Time GPS Tracking/Monitoring

▪  Improve visibility of assets in the supply chain 

▪  Improve asset tracking and inventory control across multiple facilities 

▪  Instantly locate and track all assets (fixed, mobile or workforce) in real-time on one map screen via any web connected device 

▪  Live monitoring of fleet activity: Day start/stop times, delivery arrivals/departures, route deviations, lunches and breaks, etc. 

▪  Eliminate the need to contact employees for current location or ETA 

▪  Reduce loss or damage of goods while in transit. Theft reduction, quicker stolen asset/merchandise/vehicle recovery 

▪  Multitude of reporting intervals – Customizable to fit specific needs


▪  Compact size: 5.5” x 2.25” x 1.75” 

▪  Weight: 400 Grams (14 oz.) 

▪  Water proof 

▪  Three internal magnets with over 80 lbs of pull Battery Performance 

▪  GPStealth Internal Device Battery (8800 mAh) Lasts from one month to one year* (depending on amount of movement) 

▪  Pad charging or plug in

   Internal battery recharge time: 12 hrs.

  *all battery performance estimates are dependent on reporting interval