GPS Tracker & 2 Way Voice Communicator

Applications: Personal Tracker, Elderly Care, Special Needs, Wandering Patient, Children, etc.

The GPSafety  GPS Tracker & Voice Communicating Device is a breakthrough emergency medical alert device intended for seniors, special needs individuals, children, etc. GPSafety boasts a highly advanced feature set including real-time GPS tracking, voice communication, instant caregiver connectivity, SOS alert button, audio monitoring, geo zone alerting and much more resulting in unprecedented independence, safety and security. Compact, accurate, discreet, and reliable, the GPSafety GPS tracker is a completely self-contained GPS tracking & voice communication device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or can be worn around the neck. If a top priority is keeping your loved ones safe and secure, the GPSafety will deliver Ultimate Peace of Mind.




▪  Real-Time GPS Tracking & 2 Way Voice Communication device

▪  Auto Answer: Device is capable of automatically answering inbound calls from up to 10 pre-programmed phone numbers

▪  Two Way Voice Communication: Wherever there is GSM coverage

▪  SOS Button: Instant phone call, text and/or email alert notifications are sent to caregiver(s) once SOS button is pressed

▪  Geo Zone/Fence: Text and/or email alerts are sent if any zone is crossed

▪  SOS emergency button labeled in Braille for the visually impaired

▪  Quad-Band for worldwide coverage (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz)

▪  Low power consumption for increased battery life

▪  700 mAh internal rechargeable battery

▪  Device position accuracy within 15 feet

▪  Compact size: 2.8” x 1.5” x 0.74”

▪  Water resistant

▪  Charging cradle included

▪  FCC & PTCRB certified

▪ 6 month warranty




▪  Live GPS Tracking – 24/7: Instantly locate and track GPSafety exact location on one map screen via any web connected device

▪ GPS Tracking: Tracker position updates every 2-10 minutes while in motion (update interval will adjust depending on battery charge and

   signal strength detected in order to conserve battery charge)

▪ Mobile Software Access: Access the tracking software while on the go via any web connected mobile device (IOS or Android – tablet

   or smart phone)
▪ Global Mapping: Map, Hybrid (Aerial), and Street Views – Using the latest 3D maps from Google.

▪ Real Time Traffic Updates

▪ Map Views: Individual or group




Real Time Event Alerts delivered to administrator(s) via text message and/or email (multiple recipients)

▪ Geo Zone Alerts: Alert notifications via text and/or email when tracker arrives/departs a pre-defined zone/location

▪ SOS Button: Instant phone call, text and/or email when SOS button is pressed

▪ Fine Tune: Choose which tracker and which alerts to receive




Battery Performance

▪ Up to 24-30+ hrs of operation* – on a single battery charge

  *Based on an average of 2 min real-time position updates while in motion – typical usage