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Built with the latest technologies

Designed for flexibility & value

In 2018, GPS Tracking & Safety embarked on an ambitious quest to deliver an alternate system of trackers and software, with the following goals in mind:

   1. Affordability

   2. Flexibility

   3. Future Proofing

   4. Best Available Technology

In 2019, these goals have been accomplished, and we are proud to introduce the NEW ALPHA Line. 


1. Affordability. This line was designed to be price competitive with anyone's comparable service. Both hardware (trackers) and software service are of the highest quality available, and priced to offer premium value to our customers.

2. Flexibility. The software we are offering supports a wide range of trackers and sensors. If your business needs require specialty equipment or service, we can provide it. Plus, if you have some trackers already, we may be able to switch them to our platform so everything's in one place.

3. Future Proofing. If you are purchasing a tracker in 2019, do not settle for anything but the latest technology - 4G LTE.  3G is a dying format. Verizon stopped accepting new activations on their 3G CDMA network on 7/1/18, and will shut the network down by the end of 2019. AT&T stopped accepting new activations on their 3G GSM network on 12/31/18, and will shut the network down by the end of 2021. AT&T has already shut down their 2G network, leaving only T-Mobile. The future of 2G is uncertain at best.

4. Best Available Technology. The trackers we have selected for this launch, the Alpha HW (hard-wired), Alpha OBD (OBD-II), Alpha T (Trailer), Alpha P (Personal), Alpha B (Battery), and Alpha S (Solar) are among the first 4G LTE trackers available. We have thoroughly tested them, and are confident with their abilities. Likewise, the software selected is proven, and the most widely used and versatile on the market.


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